candid wedding photos for fun couples who want to be in the moment on their wedding day!

"I reached out to Katie for my destination wedding because I fell in love with her style and she seemed like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with on my wedding day! I’m so thankful that Katie and Jay were willing to travel to Key West. Katie perfectly captured the feel and emotions of our event and we couldn’t be happier. If you’re loving her aesthetic and thinking about it, just book her. As soon as you can. She’s magic." - Allie

Hey, hey! We're katie & jay!


We're a very nerdy husband & wife wedding photography team based in Charleston SC and we specialize in outdoor & historic venue weddings for couples who want candid & fun wedding portraits!


I started Catherine Ann Photography in 2009 & Jay joined the team in 2012 when we started dating and we've photographed over 300 weddings & elopements!


Your wedding day shouldn't feel like an endless photoshoot...it should be a fun celebration! That's why we came up with our 80/20 Photo Approach - you'll get magical & fun wedding portraits that look & feel natural while still being able to spend as much time as possible with your guests!


80% of your wedding photos will be candid moments like poppin' champagne with your besties as you get ready for the day, your excited faces as you realizes you just Did The Damn Thing, and warm hugs from grandma. The other 20% of your wedding photos will be us directing you for portraits, putting you in the best lighting and we’ll even tell you what to do with your hands!




I'm Katie & you're watching Disney Channel


•One of my favorite possessions is a creepy AF double sided ambrotype of a woman from the 1860's. I named her Constance after the bride in the attic at the Haunted Mansion. It was the first photo I displayed in our house and Jay was not amused


•I can talk about true crime, weird history & ghosts all day long
Fun facts: my mom helped solve a murder & I grew up in 2 haunted houses


• I have 2 visible tattoos (song lyrics & the Moon stick from Sailor Moon) & I curse like a sailor because I'm from New York and that's just the fucking tea

• I love cute, colorful, quirky clothes and wear them on wedding days too so don't expect me to show up in 100% black cuz it aint happenin (-;


• I'm OBSESSSSSSED with our 3 mini Australian Shepherds. We've even had a few of our couples ask to borrow one of our pups for their shoot!


• If I'm not working or at Disney then you can find my nose stuck in a book. I mostly read historic fiction & Harry Potter (I would 100% be sorted into Ravenclaw). My favorite book is The House at Riverton because its almost everything I love - 1920's, England, mystery and muuuuurdeeeer


•My favorite TV shows & podcasts are usually about history, true crime, useless facts, ghosts or toilet humor (Louise Belcher is my spirit animal)


•I used to work at Disney World & Jay popped the question in front of Rapunzel's tower (she's my fave)! We have annual passes so we go all the time

Favorite Ride: The Haunted Mansion


•If I wasn't a photographer I would want to teach obscure & weird history. Look up "The Night Witches" from WWII


•I love confetti, unicorns, Magical Girls, stars, anime, rainbow sprinkles and colorful flowers

Current Favorite Manga: My Hero Academia
Favorite Anime of ALL TIME: Fullmetal Alchemist


•I am the GIF Queen and a Pop Culture Connoisseur
Current favorite GIF to use:

WE'll Get along just fine if...

• You want your wedding & photos to feel as real as you are


• Your wedding is outdoors or at a historic venue

• You can finish these lyrics: "Let's get down to business, to defeat..."

• You want your wedding to be a fun celebration

• Spending time with your guests is a huge priority so you plan to do a First Look so you can enjoy cocktail hour with them

• You dream of colorful flowers & doing your wedding the way you want


• You love dogs and want to include yours in the festivities


• You stay sexy & don't get murdered

I'm Jay & I have impeccable timing when it comes to dad jokes

• My outfit choices are more subdued when we're working so that I blend in and people forget about me. It's how I get the best candids!


• I've been playing Disc Golf for over 10 years and I'm an ambassador for Innova Discs


• For 10 years I was the lead singer of a punk rock band (Neglected Superhero) and played at Warped Tour two years in a row. Katie & I recently found out she was there the same day my band played one year


•I volunteered at a Big Cat Rescue and worked with lions, tigers and bears...no lie. Ask me about how a hungry bear chased me


•I taught a wolf at the Rescue to howl "I Love You" but I cant seem to teach Blue not to shit in the house


•Favorite Disney ride: Its a Small World (Disneyland version)


•On a normal day you can find me in a signature floral hat or a Tampa Bay Lightning hat


•I was born in Texas but raised in Florida so I really don't like the cold - I'm a Southerner after all.


•I’m incredibly social and love going out for drinks - especially for craft beer


•I also photograph fashion, headshots, landscapes

and movie/tv sets. Check out my work on Instagram: @apseyphoto




meet the aussie entourage

AKA: Buddy
•The O.G.
•Named after the Luck Dragon in Never Ending Story
•Does NOT like when the trash goes out
•Murder is his party trick
AKA: Baby G, Z Belle
•The Loud One
•Named for Zelda Fitzgerald, who Princess Zelda was named after
•Loves everyone except the mailman
•The best cuddler
Zelda Belle
AKA: Monster, Smushy
•The Gremlin
•Named after the raptor from Jurassic World
•Enjoys chewing on his bowtie
•Hops like a bunny

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