“Our wedding was so perfect because it reflected our love, and the pictures Katie & Jay took are simply breathtaking. I am so grateful that I found Catherine Ann Photography. I have looked at other couple’s photographs from their weddings but they do not have the life in them that Katie’s photographs do. The pictures show my relationship with my husband. Even now we look back over the pictures because it really does bring back the day so clearly!” Macie H.


 Hi there! I’m Catherine, but friends call me Katie – Catherine with a C, Katie with a K…its weird, I know! I live in historic Charleston, SC with my fiance/second shooter Jay (aka John) and our mini Australian Shepherds, Falkor & Zelda!

Jay and I specialize in outdoor and historic wedding venues and we love colors! Natural light and historic venues get me so excited and inspired and I was brought up to appreciate old places which is why I had to move to Charleston! I’m a hybrid wedding photographer – I shoot both digital and film photography on the wedding day.

About me: I’m a night owl, dog mom, Disney Princess, book worm, Anglophile, history enthusiast, Ravenclaw, and a social introvert. The Green Paladin is my spirit animal.  I used to work at Disney World as a photographer at Epcot and Jay asked me to be his wife in front of Rapunzels tower in April 2016. I enjoy taking ghost tours, going to vintage markets, and watching anime. I dont drink simply because I dont like the taste of any alcohol. I have 2 visible tattoos, I curse more than a 1940’s sailor, my Podcast playlist is full of true crime, paranormal & historic topics. My dream is to photograph weddings at historic venues all over the U.S and Europe, especially Ireland. 

Over the years, Jay and I have learned that couples might love our photography but we’re not always the right photographers for everyone who contacts us.

You might be a Catherine Ann Couple if…

-Your wedding is taking place at an outdoor or historic location in the U.S. or Europe
-An heirloom wedding album is important to you to pass down in your family
-You have a laid back personality but still enjoy structure
-You love the timelessness of film photography but the instant gratification of digital (I shoot both!)
-You use a lot of smiley faces in texts/emails (guiltyyyy)
-You fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight
-Spending time with your friends & family on the wedding day is important to you so you plan on doing a First Look
-You agree that custom suits on grooms are sexy (-;
-You woke up one morning and became fluent in sarcasm (and without Rosetta Stone! You smarty pants)
-Looking natural in portraits is important but you still want some direction from your photographer (“What do I do with my haaaands?”)
-The wedding is a reflection of who you are as a couple, not an exact replica of someone elses that you saw on Pinterest
-You’ll probably be including some sort of family heirloom in the wedding like a great grandmothers bracelet, your fathers vintage car, etc
-You can finish these lyrics: “Lets get down to business, to defeat…”
-You love dogs and probably will include yours in your engagement pictures or the wedding day

Did you check Yes next to some of these? Find out if your wedding date is available!

above photo of us by the oh so talented Decorous Fine Art Photography


If you're getting married at an outdoor or historic wedding venue in the US or Europe LETS CHAT

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