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Im so very excited to share Jodi & Kevin’s wedding with y’all! These two are so sweet and fun, we really enjoyed spending the day with them and their families (-: They live in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and decided on an intimate wedding in Charleston with their closest family and friends. Originally the ceremony was to be at White Point Gardens, but it was such a blustry and overcast day that they made a last minute decision to  hold the ceremony in the art gallery at the Vendue. However, the sun came out to shine for portraits, so hooray!

Jodi and her ladies got ready at a vacation rental off Broad Street. It was the perfect spot, not only because of its close proximity to all the locations we needed to visit, nor because it was in an historic building, but because one of the rooms was the exact shade of blue as her wedding colors. I mean, I put her shoes up to this wall and they pretty much disappeared!

The reception was held at my favorite Charleston restaurant, Poogans Porch. They made their grand entrance from the top of the stairs outdoors, and had their first dance on the back patio before inviting everyone into the dining room for dinner.

Photography: Catherine Ann Photography
Ceremony: Art Gallery at Vendue
Reception: Poogans Porch
Makeup: Holy City Makeup 
Hair: Annelisse (brides friend)
Wedding gown: Fabulous Frocks Charleston
Live music: Chris Dodson
Flowers: The Flower Cottage
Cake: DeClare Cakes 


All of Jodi’s details were beautiful. Her bridesmaids and I kept saying it to each other “she just nailed her details!”.
Something blue: her shoes
Something old: her engagement ring (it was her mothers)
Something borrowed: her veil
Something new: her dress, her wedding band, her last name


I was obsessed with the detailing on her dress


Excuse me, mini pineapples?!




Doesn’t Jodi look like a 1930’s Hollywood movie star?


So sweet how Jodi’s dad hugged Kevin. This whole day was full of love.


Best. Man. Ever. This guy was jokes all day (-:


Needless to say, this photo was a hit with everyone :-D I think I said “please don’t rip your pants” about 3 times before they jumped!



I really wish I had been part of this conversation, it looks really interesting (-;


Menus that acted as escort cards? Yes please!


And how cute are the PI-neapple cookies? I mean, they did get married on Pi Day (-:


Such a cool cake topper!! It felt sooo Jodi & Kevin


Jodi told me that she had a bike etched onto Kevins ring as a surprise! Jay wigged out, since he loves bikes too


She also had “Ride or Die” and their wedding date put on it


I love this photo of Kevins sister shedding a tear as he dances with their mom


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Congratulations to Brandon & Shelby! When Brandon first contacted me about photographing his proposal to Shelby, I was ecstatic! I mean, I love shooting engagements and weddings because couples are so excited to be getting married and are just so in love, so I knew documenting a proposal would be on another level. To capture that moment that will start the next adventure in two peoples lives is magical.

Shelby lives in Iowa which is where Brandon is originally from (he’s here in Charleston for school), and she was coming down for a week to spend some time with him. Brandon knew that this was going to be the best time to pop the question. The week before the proposal, Brandon & I visited Middleton Place to scout out some potential spots. The bridge was one spot, and in front of the mill house was another. Brandon settled on the bench in front of the mill house, and good thing too, because the day of the proposal, a wedding was happening over by the bridge – but it served as a good distraction for Shelby.

Or so I thought (-; I had emailed Brandon about it to let him know we were in position and ready to go and that there was a wedding across the lake he could point out to Shelby to get her to turn around for a minute.
Instead, poor girl spotted an alligator in the water right behind them!




Brandon’s grandparents raised peacocks when he was growing up, and it was his job to collect the fallen feathers, so he wanted to include the Middleton Place peacocks in some photos! Too bad they don’t take my posing directions as well as Brandon & Shelby did (-;


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    They are simply timeless and beautiful like your love for each other.
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Ashton & Aaron are too cute for words, but Im still going to write about them (-;  They met on New Years eve in Richmond, VA while Aaron was on break from his night shift. They hit it off and the rest is history!

These two are getting married at the historic William Aiken house in downtown Charleston, and Im so excited to photograph their wedding there! Ashton almost made me cry while we drove up that way to snap a few photos in front of the house, she told me that she really loved that I specialize in outdoor & historic venue weddings and that it really sets me apart. It pretty much made my day to hear a bride say that to me!

They drove down from Richmond the day of their engagement shoot and it was quite overcast and windy. We actually pushed their engagement shoot up because we were worried about rain, which luckily held off until the last 5 minutes! We had so much fun chatting and shooting as we explored downtown together.

I LOVE their outfits. They totally nailed the whole ‘match but dont MATCH’ thing (-:


I love this girl, she brought a bouquet of white roses to the shoot to add an element of fun! So naturally we tore them apart to throw them in the air!


Gotta have that Charleston cobblestone


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  • Teresa Cowman - A very special thank you from Shelby’s mom. The pictures are wonderful. You and Brandon done a great job of creating a wonderful memory!ReplyCancel


Last week, my facebook friend Rachael contacted me about coming down to Savannah GA to take some updated head shots of her and her husband Troy. They are about to release their new branding, Rach <3 Troy, which is their photography and video company merged together!! Im so excited for these two and their new venture, and so so so glad I was finally able to meet Rachael in person!

Savannah is another gorgeous, historic city that I love so anytime I can photograph there makes my heart happy! I have lots of fond memories of Savannah from when I was a kid, since my family vacationed in Hilton Head a lot and we took day trips there (-:


I almost cried tears of joy because of the yummy natural light that graced our presence! Its been so gloomy and rainy recently, so it was a lovely change. And the yummy golden light fits Rachael + Troy’s brand so well!


No, but how awesome is Troy’s vintage video camera?!


Meet Kirby, their super energetic daughter! She looooved Jay (-; And her favorite princess is Cinderella


I showed this to them and they said “Yep, thats so Kirby!”


Ahh, I love light colored texturized walls!


Totally a candid moment! They were playing around with Kirby at the end of the session and I just had to secretly snap this!


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